Hollantilainen kapellimestari-kustantaja Emile Stoffels tarjoaa yhteistyötä Suomessa 2.-7.6.2016, lue lisää:

My name is Emile Stoffels, I’m living from the Netherlands and I would like to present you the following

In the period from 2 t/m 7 June (2016)  I will accompany my daughter with her trip to Finland, where they will visit a girlfriend. We fly together to

Helsinki after which she will fly to her friend in Savonlinna. During this time I will stay in Helsinki (or anywhere else). 

It seems very nice to me to fill this period musically in some way.

I will try to tell in a concise manner a little bit more about myself.

Originally I'm a bass trombone player (also for some time in an army band), but today I focus myself more on conducting and arranging.

In addition to extensive experience in conducting 'Harmonie' and 'Fanfare' bands (wind bands), I am also very interested in the organization

around an orchestra. In this capacity, I also supervise often the management of music bands in setting up organizational structures and I also

regular organize large musical events. In 2013 I also started my own publishing company (www.stoffelsmusic.nl) where I mostly arrangements

publish of the 'light' genre. More than 30 years I arrange music for orchestras and choirs at home and abroad, from classical transcriptions to pop music.


Maybe it is possible that at the time when I am in Finland, I can contribute to a number of musical activities such as workshops, play-ins, etc.

I think there are many opportunities to put together an interesting program for Finnish bands and musicians, perhaps with themes such as Dutch composers

and arrangers, about the special Dutch wind band form, the 'Fanfare' band or social media and wind bands.

I also have a lot of experience in setting up multidisciplinary concerts, where different disciplines meet, like the very popular Proms concerts, where

wind bands (including a pop band) are brought together with dance, sound and image.


It seems to me a great experience to learn more about the Finnish music scene in this way and to transferring the Dutch music culture.

I would like to hear from you if there are some opportunities to give my stay in Finland an extra dimension.


With kind regards,


Emile Stoffels



Verrassende Arrangementen voor Harmonie en Fanfare